A Look At Fruity Beers

Craft beer is a year-round favorite, but especially so once the weather begins to warm up, and the promise of backyard barbecues and beach vacations starts to chase the winter blues away. Each year brings with it a new take on craft beers, always with a focus on creating delicious, refreshing, sessionable beers for people to enjoy any day of the week.


One of the biggest trends seen lately is fruity beers such as those featuring tart and citrusy flavors such as orange and tangerine, which are perfect ice-cold on a warm day, as refreshing as iced lemonade. These beers offer full flavor balanced with malty sweetness, light grassy notes, and bright fruity zest.


As temperatures rise, the demand for fruity beers increases. These beers tend to feature clean flavors and are not too hoppy, making them perfect for a wide range of palates. One option people are falling in love with is strawberry-flavored ales, unusual in their taste and appearance. A light beer fermented with fresh strawberries, for example, results in an incredibly light, delicious taste people love and a delightful pink color as well. Of course, you can also save time by using strawberry flavor to create similar beverages.


In fact, there are many ways to use fruity flavorings to create any number of possibilities. Boysenberry is another terrific and unusual idea craft brewers can incorporate. Raspberry flavors can be used to create delicious brews; this great aroma also works well in surprising combinations with ingredients such as cocoa.


Apple is a classic flavor with a sweet tartness that goes perfectly with beer’s complex aroma. Apple-flavored beers provide a refreshing experience without the overly sweet taste of many ciders. A little less common but just as delicious is peach, which perfectly balances spicy notes. Tart cherry and other dark fruits set off a malty background nicely, while blueberry can stand on its own as the central player in a taste profile, blend with other berries, or add interest to coffee and cocoa flavors. Passionfruit, guava, lemon, apricot, and nectarine are just a few of the other possibilities flavorists can explore.


Far from your typical summertime brews, today’s fruity beers are bold and daring, not afraid to experiment or break the rules. Clean, crisp, tart, and always delicious, fruity notes make an excellent foundation for a range of fantastic flavors. From light background notes to sweet, full fruit essence, there’s no shortage of ways to play around with this year’s fruity take on beer.