Absolutes are a vital part of the fragrance industry. Similar to Essential Oils, they have been extracted using the most basic extraction methods, and provide a base flavor or fragrance that can be used for a wide range of applications. They can be stronger than Essential Oils, will provide a greater amount of fragrance, and as such are a great option for many different types of product solutions. The absolutes from Advanced Biotech are the basic components for a wide range of products. A range of them are available, including some of the most popular aromas such as vanilla and Jasmine.


Advanced Biotech employs only the best extraction techniques with all of its natural products, including its line of absolutes. This ensures that customers receive products that are of the right ratios, and with the appropriate chemical profile to perform exactly as needed. This means that there will be a lessened possibility of quality issues on the production line, and that each batch a company produces using these quality ingredients will be as good as the one before it. Absolutes produced by Advanced Biotech are produced in such a way as to ensure no harm is done to the oil and that as much of the natural oil of the botanical source is extracted as possible.


There are solutions available for multiple industries, from flavor and fragrance companies that produce custom aromas for other industries to the fragrance and cosmetics industries. These are also a great option for businesses looking to produce quality scents using all-natural ingredients, as absolutes are produced using natural methods and do not contain synthetic aromas. This makes them great for customers craving a natural solution.

Absolutes in the Cosmetics Industry

Absolutes have a long history in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, and have been used for as long as essential oils and other similar products have been in use. They are able to provide a quality, natural scent that is perfect for perfumes, lotions, and soaps, and can even be used in products that require a more sensitive touch.


Absolutes can have a stronger aroma than Essential Oils, and because of that they also make a great base in the creation of custom fragrances. They are often used in place of other raw ingredients because of their solubility, and they are easy to manipulate and use for a number of different product types.

Absolutes as a Fragrance Solution

As a strong base, absolutes are a great solution for those in the flavor and fragrance industry. They can accompany many different fragrances, and combine well with other products using organic solvents, making them applicable to a wide range of uses. Fragrances made with absolutes have the potential to be all-natural, which is perfect for flavor and fragrance companies which cater to businesses looking to provide their customers with natural products for use in the home, such as air fresheners, cleaning products, and much more. The strong, quality absolutes available from Advanced Biotech offer many different solutions, and are great for many different industries.

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Product NumberProduct NameFEMACASProduct SpecsSDS
3036OSMANTHUS ABSOLUTE NATURAL375068917-05-5/92347-21-1