Adopting Advanced Technologies for Fruit Flavoring Such as Solid-Liquid Extraction

Juices, whether fruit or vegetable, are increasingly in demand for their refreshing flavors and nutritional content. However, with natural flavors and aromas tending to lose their potency during packaging, storage, and transport, even nature’s best gems can be enhanced with aroma and flavor additives.
At the same time, consumers are applying increasing pressure on manufacturers to provide healthier and greener products. Hence, sourcing faster, more advanced, efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly extraction technologies are essential for producers relying on flavor and aroma ingredients to enhance their product tastes and fragrances.
However, natural, organic materials are more volatile than artificial compounds and are liable to experience chemical and sensory transformation during extraction.
Part of a flourishing global industry, the flavors and aromas used in the food and beverage industry combine natural, natural identical, and synthetic compounds. Numerous bioactives such as esters, aldehydes, terpenes, phenols, carboxylic acids, ketones, and hydrocarbons contribute to creating unique characteristics.
Flavor and Aroma Solid Extracts and Extraction
Historically, flavor extraction for alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, and other liquid food streams is achieved using evaporation through distillation or stripping processes. Steam, water and steam, and oil distillation are among the most common extraction methods. The hot steam breaks down the organic material, releasing the essential oils, which are then condensed.
Analytical chemical techniques are another popular contemporary extraction method, with solid-liquid extraction (SLE) the most common analytical technique. This method prepares solids samples by partitioning analytes between the matrix and extractant phases. However, SLE typically demonstrates low quantitative efficiency. In response, applying high pressure and temperature, and adding ultrasound and microwave, have been shown to improve this efficiency.
However, regardless of the technique, during the processing of these volatile compounds, flavor and aroma composition can change due to oxidation or heat, leading to undesirable flavor losses or unwanted properties.
Solutions to Challenges Inherent in Solid Extracts Production
To get around these alterations, producers have designed, improved on, or added to techniques to leverage volatility, hydrophobicity, and solubility to reduce these changes, boost recovery and enhance sensory quantity and quality.
New strategies and modifications for enhanced SLE sample preparation improve performance, including microwave and ultrasound-assisted and superheated solvent extraction. In addition, these methods help automate the process, reduce extraction time, and minimize organic solvent use.
Other sustainable technologies for recovering valuable volatile flavor-active molecules are high-pressure homogenization, pulsed electric fields, pervaporation, high voltage electrical discharges, and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE).
These innovative processes promise faster, more productive, and greener techniques while encompassing more natural, less processed ingredients. In addition, proposed new techniques can be used instead of current methods or applied in various stages along the process stream.
How Can Advanced Biotech Help?
Advanced Biotech offers an extensive range of solid extracts, including vanilla, botanicals, and fruits for lifting, scenting, and flavoring. Seasonal products are selected for optimal flavor and processed using techniques yielding the maximum amount of the original raw essence. Consistency of production means fewer unanticipated variations, improved efficiency, and lower user costs. High-quality ingredients and superior solid extracts enhance scents and flavors, improving product performance and extending longevity.
Advanced Biotech provides the extract you need, whether as complex as hibiscus or as enduringly simple as vanilla and in the volumes required. We use premium natural ingredients and cutting-edge techniques to provide quality product performance for boosted competitiveness, sensory, physicochemical, and nutritional retention while minimizing environmental impact. Please contact us for more information.