The Allure of Ready-Made Dinners in the Frozen Food Aisle

People love home-cooked meals but, unfortunately, they can be time-consuming to make. It’s no surprise then that speed-scratch options have become so readily available in various areas of the grocery store, from boxed products to various frozen dinner products. Especially popular are frozen dinner favorites that can be prepared simply by tossing them into a slow cooker or into a skillet. These options are easy, take up a minimum amount of time, and can be especially delicious depending on the way that they are prepared.


This is where flavorists can have a lot of fun as they examine and create delicious new treats for buyers. While these types of frozen speed-scratch meals may have started with basics such as pasta and pot roast, the options have expanded in many ways, and there are a ton of incredible options available.


However, with all those options come a few things that flavorists have to consider as they create these dishes. Among the biggest considerations to make is creating a delicious flavor that is as fresh as if the dinner had been prepared right then and there, while still ensuring that the product can be frozen for a lengthy enough period of time to make it a viable option for grocery store freezers.


Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Iso Butyraldehyde can be utilized to help enhance the tomato flavor of a tomato-based sauce and ensure it tastes fresh even after freezing, while flavor ingredients such as Natural Acetic Acid can help to create the right vinegar notes in a sauce. Even Natural Garlic Oil such can be utilized to create the best possible flavor for Italian, Chinese, and various other types of delicious speed-scratch dishes. The opportunities only continue to grow as, for many buyers, this becomes the best way of preparing a quality meal at the end of the day.