Aroma as Art: New Scent Marketing Concepts

Perfumists already know that the creation of a new, unique fragrance is as much art as it is science, but recent marketing campaigns have brought the idea of aroma as art to the general public. The concept of scent marketing in and of itself is nothing new, and for the past several years, businesses ranging from retail stores to hotel chains have utilized fragrances to create certain moods and atmospheres.


Now artists, musicians, and many other individuals have begun to utilize these same scent marketing concepts to enhance paintings, installations, and even music in a brand new way. In the same way that scent can be used to bring to mind certain sensations and memories, with Natural Vanillin being especially useful in the creation of a relaxing and homey atmosphere, various scents can be used to the same effect in enhancing many different types of art.


It’s an interesting new concept, and one that is getting a lot of attention. While it’s unlikely that the use of scent to create ambience is going to see widespread use in the near future, scent does present new opportunities for artists, regardless of how they plan to use it. There’s a lot of room to explore with this particular branch of scent marketing.