Aroma Branding: What You Need For Custom Scent Creation

Those in the custom fragrances industry are seeing an increasing number of companies choose aroma branding as a way of making themselves stand out in their customer’s minds. Scientists have said in the past that scent is one of the biggest triggers for memory – if the aroma of a certain type of fragrance or perfume can make a customer think of your brand, you can create a valuable response that will keep you in your customer’s mind even when you are not actively working to do so.


It’s a process called scent marketing, and it is picking up speed as one of the more creative and innovative methods of creating a brand presence. Aroma branding means that companies work with the fragrance industry to create air fresheners, deodorizers, soaps, and even cleaning products all designed with their one-of-a-kind unique scent. It also means that fragrances companies who choose to work with companies for the purpose of scent marketing must be innovative with their solutions, producing high-quality products that have the same aromatic qualities whether they are meant to be used in the air on one’s skin.


That can be more of a challenge than one might think. The process of creating a custom fragrance is difficult enough, but creating one that is applicable in such a wide variety of uses may be even more difficult. Companies who choose to create multiple products with this wide range of uses will find it necessary to many different types of flavor ingredients in order to create roughly the same effects in their different materials. However, not every scent must, or should, be identical. Part of the challenge lies in creating multiple products that fit within the same fragrance profile but that have subtle differences.


That is why it is important for custom fragrance creation companies who work within the realm of scent marketing to have a quality fragrance ingredients supplier on hand. Take, for example, a humble scent such as vanilla. There are numerous vanilla variants available, and while some are perfect for foods they may not work as well in body products – likewise, a product made for the body may not work as well in a room fragrance or a scented candle.


A diverse sampling of ingredients with the same fragrance profile can help your custom fragrance creation company develop all of the products needed for a successful scent marketing campaign, helping your client in turn join the ranks of other successful companies that have implemented this strategy with branded potpourri, clothing fragrances, and other fragrances that enhance the scent of a particular space. Successful industries that have used scent marketing to their advantage include automobile manufacturers, retail clothing stores, cinemas, and other types of retailers. Choose your ingredients supplier wisely. Companies such as Advanced Biotech can work with custom fragrance companies to provide them the ingredients that they need to create specific scents as well as to create multiple branded scents, all without compromising the quality of the individual fragrances that go into a successful scent marketing campaign.