Baby Food Flavor Trends

Have you ever met parents who claim they have too much time on their hands? Probably not! Most parents want to feed their children fresh and clean food made from scratch, but the reality of work and older children in the home place a strain on the available time during the day. New innovations in baby food are sweeping the market as health-conscious parents demand clean labels and increased nutritional value.


Focus on Natural and Organic Foods


Baby food trends consistently show that parents are rejecting processed foods. They want clean ingredients, and if they can’t make it from scratch, they are looking to products that will provide healthy alternatives. Parents will accept packaged foods if the labels promote organic and GMO-free food. Consumers reach for organic purees made from ingredients they can find in the kitchen, while also free from preservatives and without added sugar or salt. Organic broccoli puree is natural and provides an excellent source of vitamin C.


Innovative Approaches to Organic Snacks


Millennials grew up with a wider variety of foods and spices in a more multicultural world. They reach for baby food that includes cardamom and acai berries, especially if the food doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors.


Paleo parents vie for humanely raised meats and organic vegetables. One brand introduced baby food with grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon, and one brand introduced uncured bacon made from 100 percent pasture-raised pigs and mixed it with organic butternut squash.


Many Parents Look for Smart Options


Consumers want to offer their child a leg-up in life. Brands are introducing foods offering potential cognitive development. Organic bananas, beets, and strawberries contain DHA and Choline, which provide nutrients to support a healthy brain.


Immunity-strengthening foods may soar in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands will have the opportunity for innovations as consumers aim to avoid the flu and viruses. One company introduced super-immunity power pouches containing inactivated cultures that claim to support immune health.


Food as an Alternative to Plastic


In the past, plastic toys were the go-to for teething. Today, brands are introducing natural products free from plastic. All the ingredients in a grain-based teething stick are real foods made to provide soothing comfort for infants. Parents will appreciate the natural teether, and the babies will enjoy the banana flavor.


Today’s babies are lucky to begin life with all-natural foods that boost their wellbeing. And parents can rest assured that if they can’t make baby food from scratch, at least they offer their children the best that nature provides.