Bacon Flavor’s Unusual Rise to Fame

When people think of the most popular flavors, they tend to think of vanilla, coffee, or chocolate. Bacon may be a savory breakfast treat, but this centuries old treat has infiltrated every aspect of the food and fragrance industries. Bacon took over the market in a big way. It can be found in virtually every branch of the flavor industry, from the places that one might expect, such as in frozen foods or the creation of flavors such as “bacon cheeseburger”. In addition, bacon (available through the use of Baconal Natural) has extended to branches of the industry that might seem unusual.


Bacon ice cream has been around for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Some companies have begun to ask this question, and the answer so far is a resounding yes. People are flocking to the freezers of specialty stores to pick up this unusual and delicious treat. In the confectionery aisle, buyers can find bacon-flavored chocolate, sure to provide their taste buds with a unique flavor experience. Elsewhere, buyers can find bacon flavored cupcakes, bacon peanut brittle, or bacon flavored mayonnaise. The bravest of customers might even try bacon gum or bacon lollipops.


However, the popularity of products such as bacon-flavored chocolate or bacon-flavored ice cream is serving to prove that as surprising as it may be, bacon is still a rock star in the flavor world. Fortunately for flavor creation teams, bacon is a relatively easy flavor to replicate. Meaty notes, such as that in Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex, and smoky notes such as that in Natural Guaiacol are the perfect base for a great bacon flavor, and when paired with sweet flavor ingredients such as Natural Maple Furanone 10% PG, they are perfect for a number of different applications.


From enhancing the flavor of bacon dishes to adding bacon flavor to the most unusual of treats, there are a number of ways for flavorists to take part in this lasting trend. Bacon is tasty, and customers agree. Most importantly, bacon flavored treats are a lot of fun and show plenty of room for originality.