Bacon: New Innovations and Interesting Flavors

Bacon has always been a crowd favorite, but during the COVID-19 pandemic it has truly become a go-to ingredient for many consumers. Versatile, relatively low in cost, and most of all, delicious, it is both a quick source of protein as well as natural, smoky and savory flavor. And just as the global pandemic has changed consumers’ buying habits, bacon has also changed to suit these shifting interests. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at the trends that are influencing the bacon industry this year following the pandemic.



                Even a fan favorite can use an update once in a while. With so many meals being now cooked at home now due to lockdown restrictions, many consumers suffering from cooking fatigue. Looking for new inspirations and ideas to them back in the kitchen and creating delicious meals, consumers are shifting their focus towards new and interesting flavors. Varieties like spicy and sweet maple chili, Asian-inspired honey sesame, and perfectly balanced pepper brown sugar are just some of the new flavors getting consumers excited to start cooking again. Bacon inspired by spicy chorizo, a type of pork sausage typically seasoned with vinegar, garlic, and chile peppers, has also become a popular choice for those consumers interested in globally-inspired cuisine.



                Bacon-inspired products are also becoming a popular choice for consumers who are looking to infuse every meal with smoky goodness. Seasonings like bacon salt, flavored with hickory or cracked black pepper, are prefect for everything from burgers to soups and salads, and products like bacon-infused cream cheese spread, carbonated drinks, and even ice cream will ensure that not a single recipe will be deprived of bacon-y goodness. For even more adventurous consumers, bacon lip balm, toothpaste, and even bacon-flavored sunscreen are available to imbue their everyday lives with savory, porky flavor and fragrance.



                Meatless bacon may seem like complete sacrilege, but plant-based meats are all the rage right now! Consumers looking to advocate for animal rights or protect with environment without missing out on their favorite porky products are in luck as many brands are working to develop products that perfectly mimic the savory, smokiness of traditional bacon. Plant-based bacon made from tofu, soy, tempeh, eggplant, mushrooms, even beets are flavored with ingredients like garlic powder, liquid smoke, onion powder, and maple syrup to replicate real bacon for the same satisfying flavor.


Bacon is a classic consumer favorite that is unafraid to get with the times. New innovations in flavor, application, and even ingredients are bringing this beloved meat into the new era of consumer buying and eating habits.