Beer and Cider Flavor Innovations

If it’s flavored beer and cider you’re after, there’s nowhere as promising as North America to find it. Here, more than anywhere else, consumers love their flavored beers, and they’re buying fruit-, vegetable-, herb-, and spice-flavored drinks in higher quantities than ever.


Here are a few of the beer and cider trends marking 2020 and beyond:


  • Unique flavors. Not that long ago, flavored beer and cider meant apple, orange, or pumpkin – now, a whole new world of flavor innovation is opening up in the beer aisle. These beverages feature sophisticated flavor blends, such as pecan, orange, and coffee; lemongrass and hibiscus; and even smoked figs. Limited editions offer an exciting opportunity to explore flavors such as caramel and chocolate or black lagers. The unusual and unexpected get the most attention here, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Low- and no-alcohol. Not everyone who loves the taste of beer wants to feel its effects. There’s a rapidly-growing demand for lower-alcohol and non-alcoholic brews. Despite the massive demand for low- and no-alcohol beers, they remain a niche product, making it the perfect place for brands to play around with new ideas. These beverages, as with their alcoholic counterparts, are undergoing plenty of innovation with complex flavors and sophisticated branding but no or next-to-no alcohol.
  • More sustainable products. Unsurprisingly, sustainable practices and products continue to shine. Launches highlighting the highest sustainability credentials are seeing the quickest upticks in consumer interest. While recyclable packaging is already ubiquitous in craft beers (with glass bottles and more), brands are still looking for ways to differentiate themselves through sustainable practices. Locally and sustainably sourced ingredients are key; certified organic products are also hot. Of note this year is the rise in the no-waste movement, with brands brewing the trendiest beers from surplus bread and fruit.


Beer and cider brands are diversifying their claims to fame with unique flavors, limited editions, low-alcohol recipes, and products and practices that are more sustainable than ever. These are excellent areas for beer brands and restaurants to consider as they step into the 2020 spotlight. Our natural flavor ingredients can help you to achieve the one-of-a-kind tastes that you want to serve your customers this year.