Beer and Cider Trends

Beer and cider are hugely popular beverages across demographics, with breweries continually striving to stay on top of changing trends. These two favorite drinks offer different flavors, different ABVs, and various nutrition profiles. Ciders, for example, contain the same vitamin C and antioxidants found in the apples they’re made with). However, they are otherwise similar beverages that you’ll find in the hands of party-goers all over the country and throughout the year. Here are a few of the biggest trends we’re seeing in beer and cider this year.




Alcoholic beverages may not be the first thing you think of when you think of health food, but today’s more health-conscious consumer is examining every part of their diet and looking for ways to make improvements. Organic ingredients fit the bill, as they have earned a reputation for being natural, healthy, and eco-friendly. Organic beer and cider is a niche but growing section of the alcoholic beverages industry. Beer and cider manufacturers are brewing up organic versions of many different products, from fruit ciders to hoppy pale ales to classic lagers.




One popular trend this year that we expect to see increasing is non-alcoholic beer, enjoyed by those who love the taste of beer but don’t want the alcohol content. Zero-alcohol beer still makes up a tiny percentage of the market, but that percentage is growing with products such as fruity beers, dark “spirits,” and more – all 100% virgin. Not long ago, there were limited options for people who wanted the taste of beer without the punch. Now, their options are increasing by the day.


Unique Flavors


Consumers tend to view beer and cider as a treat, which means that it’s the perfect place to experiment with intense flavor combinations that stimulate the senses. We’re seeing unexpected flavor blends pop up all over, such as tomato, salt, and coriander; ginger, lime, and cardamom; oatmeal stouts brewed with coffee; and sweet and bitter blueberry. There is truly no end to the possibilities, so creating unique flavors is a worthwhile endeavor for beer and cider companies and a great way to leverage the latest trends.




Another beer trend that addresses today’s health-conscious movement is that of lower-carb beers. These brews appeal particularly to those following low-carb lifestyles, such as the ketogenic diet. Until now, most craft breweries haven’t produced much in the way of light beers. However, we’ve seen that change this year, with low-carb and low-calorie options coming out from some of the best breweries around. Consumers who previously eschewed low-carb beers because of their lack of flavor are taking note of today’s options, which are increasingly full-flavored and delicious.