The Best of Barbecue Flavors

There’s nothing quite like the seductive smokiness of a good barbecue. But when you’re getting started with thinking about barbecue flavors, the first thing you have to ask yourself is … which one? Barbecue tastes run the gamut, from the many different flavors of the Americas to the barbecue flavors that have originated in other countries. From the sweet and spicy flavors of Asian barbecues to the rich, tangy flavor of Carolina barbecue, there are plenty of different, equally delicious options to explore when you’re creating barbecue notes for rubs, marinades, and even products such as potato chips.


As mentioned, regionalism is a big deal when it comes to creating barbecue flavors, and right now, one of the big things to take note of when creating barbecue flavors is the many different barbecue flavors that appear in American cuisine. From Texas barbecue, which tends to be heavy on vinegar notes, to the mustard-heavy barbecue flavors you’ll find in baked beans, there are many ways to explore these different BBQ flavor options.


Keep in mind the importance of local flavors in the current barbecue market. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating spices, rubs, and marinades for barbecue. The spicy and savory notes of one type of barbecue may be very different from the sweeter, tangier notes of another, although there are some elements to barbecue that are universal. Of course, tomato flavors can be found in most barbecue profiles, and help to create a more authentic base for the other flavors that are used to craft these incredible flavors.


As mentioned, smoky flavors are prominent in most styles of barbecue, and can easily be replicated using the right “smoky” or “woody” notes in food products, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural 2,6 Dimethoxy Phenol. Other flavors represent the different styles of barbecue. For example, strong vinegar notes appear in many barbecue flavors, as do mustard flavors, sweet brown sugar notes, and more. When it comes to sweet flavors, a certain hint of caramelization is also often present, and adding this note to a flavor profile can help to create a more authentic barbecue flavor. As people seek out more barbecue options, flavor designers have a world of options available to them for crafting incredible barbecue favorites.