Bitter almond oil, or benzaldehyde, can be used in multiple types of food products.


Bitter almond oil is distinct from sweet almond oil, which comes from a different variety of almond trees. Both the trees and fruit have cosmetic differences. Sweet almond oil is more useful as a carrier oil, or base, in moisturizers and is a more effective emollient than the essential oil from bitter almonds, which is added for scent. Sweet almond oil, along with the almonds themselves, is also used somewhat more broadly as a food product due to the lack of risk for toxicity.


Bitter almond oil, along with the almonds themselves, is often used to flavor baked goods and other foods, adding in a strong almond flavor:
•Hard candies
•Coffee drinks
•Alcoholic drinks


It can also serve to recreate any of a number of flavors, including those of various types of fruits and desserts.


Used externally as a fragrance ingredient, bitter almond oil is sometimes an ingredient in moisturizers or lotions for the face as well as body. It can be included in makeup removers as well. This ingredient may also be found in fine fragrance applications as a component to add to or round out other various types of aromas.


The essence can also be used in aromatherapy and as massage oil. The scent and feel are often considered broadly therapeutic. It is sometimes blended with other oils, such as orange or apricot, particularly in aromatherapy uses.