Boosting the Flavors of Health Food Bars

Health food bars that feature fortified grains, additional vitamins, and the protein needed for incredible endurance (whether it’s outdoors, at the gym, or on the field) are nothing new. However, for the most part, buyers have accepted that these health food bars are not as flavorful as other products on the market.


Until recently, customers have tended to accept that functional foods like this don’t have quite the flavor of other snack bars. That’s changed, however, and more buyers than ever are seeking out health bar options that are as delicious as they are nutritious. That presents a particular problem for flavorists, who don’t want to skimp on the nutritional benefits of these food items, but who still want to ensure that they are able to offer their buyers the best possible when it comes to delicious health bar options.


One great way to ensure that these items remain healthy is to use only natural ingredients. While natural isn’t necessarily a guarantee of health, is does help to ensure that even the most health conscious buyer is ready and willing to purchase these items. Basic flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin (for vanilla flavor) and Natural Cinnamic Acid (for cinnamon flavor) are a great place to start, as they won’t boost the calorie count of the food item, but will help to make the product much more flavorful.


Honey is another great alternative, and to cut down on the extra sugar that honey can add to one of these bars, a flavor ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Honey Reaction can be used. This works especially well with grain-heavy health food bars, and is a favorite among the natural crowd.


One of the biggest trends in flavoring these types of products is to keep things simple. You can deliver a big punch of flavor with just a handful of ingredients, and the majority of buyers are going to appreciate that. Too many additional ingredients can alter the healthiness of one of these products, so stick to a handful of natural options to create the flavors in these products and you can easily compete in a market that is increasingly filled with healthy and natural options.