Breakfast Trends

Unsurprisingly, many of the most popular breakfast foods either are, or contain cereal. Breakfast cereal makers have been quick to respond to the recent demand for healthier foods, which includes a focus on more nutrition and less sugar. Here are some of the hottest trends we’re seeing in breakfast foods this year.


Less Sugar


There is an ongoing outcry for sugar reduction in packaged and restaurant foods across the board, and breakfast cereal is no exception. With consumers worldwide struggling to maintain healthy weights, sugar has easily been singled out as a major culprit. “No added sugar” has become a hugely popular claim on cereal boxes, along with the similar “low sugar” and “sugar-free.” Well-known brands, as well as smaller companies, are jumping on the “no sugar” bandwagon as their customers seek out options to help them achieve their individual and family health-related goals.


Fast and Portable


Just as important as “healthy” these days is “fast and easy.” Today’s consumers are busier and more stressed-out than ever and looking for the most convenient options possible in every aspect of their lives. Cereal brands have plenty of competition in the form of breakfast biscuits, snack bars, yogurts, smoothies, and baked goods, so they are responding with innovative products that provide solutions for those with hectic morning schedules. There is now a greater variety of cereal formats, such as cereal and milk duos, overnight oats, and snackable minis, along with an array of category-blurring products, including drinkable oats and chocolate-covered breakfast treats.


Flavor Innovations


New flavors can engage new audiences, and that’s precisely what cereal manufacturers are doing with varieties that resonate with local preferences. Experimenting with distinctive flavors, sophisticated package designs, and unexpected ingredients can help brands reach new generations of cereal buyers. Examples include corn flakes made with real ingredients such as saffron, almond, and pistachio or rose petals and almonds. Granola is another great platform for healthy ingredients, with options such as peanut, tangerine, and ginger appearing on package labels throughout the country.


Bonus Trend: Breakfast Sandwiches


Breakfast sandwiches are also one of the most popular breakfast foods in the restaurant industry, and retailers such as convenience and grocery stores. Consumers are drawn to the convenience of breakfast sandwiches and wraps, whose portable and handheld nature fits into a busy person’s lifestyle with ease. Furthermore, there is another growing trend involving breakfast sandwiches right now: making them available all day, as many well-known restaurant chains have famously done in recent years. As with so many other food categories, breakfast sandwiches are the focus of better-for-you ingredients wherever possible, such as egg whites, avocado, and turkey or plant-based sausage. As always, adventurous flavors top the list, such as egg white wraps featuring crumbled feta, bean pesto, and tomato confit.


From breakfast cereal to sandwiches to ready-to-drink smoothies and meal replacement shakes, breakfast foods are popular at any time of day. Whichever ones you’re busy creating, you can achieve the interesting and irresistible taste combinations your customers want with the use of our vast range of natural flavor ingredients.