Choosing Flavor Ingredients For Marinades

A marinade can make an ordinary cut of meat extraordinary, but the right ingredients and flavors must be chosen for the product. The goal with a marinade is not to mask the flavor of the meat, but to enhance it. Keeping that in mind, marinades can be very different in style and in the ingredients that go into their make up, depending on the type of flavor a person wants to achieve and the type of meat that they will be using the marinade with.


In general, when thinking about flavor ingredients for marinades, a flavor creation team should think not about savory, base flavors as they might with a sauce, a gravy, or a soup, but in terms of strong herbal flavors, vinegar flavors, and flavors such as mustard. A citrus flavor  is perhaps one of the most popular ingredients for marinades, and can be a great enhancer for many dishes. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Undecenal would be the perfect ingredient to create a citrus flavor.


Another thing to keep in mind when choosing ingredients for marinades is that, in general, they can be a little bit stronger than the typical sauce. This is because the flavor needs to be strong enough to be absorbed into the meat. Extracts can be a great addition to a marinade for this reason, as the amount of flavor can be easily altered depending on the needs of that specific marinade.


It is also important to remember additional ingredients that can add complexity to the marinade, such as Advance Biotech’s  Natural Ginger Oil, Natural Horseradish Oil, Natural Onion Oil or Natural Garlic Oil.  Flavor ingredients that replicate the taste of liqueurs can also be a great addition, such as wine, brandy, or whiskey. There are no real set rules about what can or cannot go into a marinade, so with a little ingenuity and attention to the way that ingredients work together, a flavor creation team can make a great product that will be sure to please.