Choosing Flavors for New Energy Drinks

As energy drinks have gained popularity, their range of flavors has grown exponentially, with new and surprising flavors showing up all the time. In addition to new flavors, energy drinks are now being endowed with various attributes such as “healthy,” “low-calorie,” and “all-natural.” More consumers purchase energy drinks than ever before, and kids and adults alike enjoy them regularly. With so many varieties now available, consumers have begun changing the way they think about energy drinks. The days of super-caffeinated cola being the only option are long gone; now the possibilities for energy drink products are endless.


Indeed, energy drinks are the fastest-growing item in the soft drink category. Including carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, energy drinks often provide sweet, fruit flavor along with a dose of caffeine and, sometimes, added nutrients such as ginseng for extra health benefits – and consumers are buying them in higher numbers than ever before.


As energy drinks have evolved, consumers have seen changes in everything from their packaging to their health claims to their flavors. The tide is shifting now toward new trends such as low- or no-calorie drinks, reduced-caffeine options, and drinks that contain more green coffee beans and tea extracts and less powdered coffee and taurine. This is in response to consumer concerns about the high caffeine content of traditional energy drinks; the shift now is clearly toward healthier products.


Energy drinks are also taking on new flavors. There is now a wide range of flavors available, from fruit flavors such as wild berry, citrus, grape, and cherry to traditional fruit punch and cola flavors. Green tea is one flavor that is becoming much more popular, as green tea itself has many health benefits and a pleasant flavor that lends itself well to fruity and sweet combinations.


In addition to these, energy drinks are also now available in coffee flavors, such as cappuccino, vanilla, and Irish blend flavors; chocolate is also making headway as a favorite energy drink flavor. Another important trend to be aware of is flavor combinations; energy drink flavors such as raspberry tea, peach tea, and tea-lemonade are increasingly popular.