Choosing the Right Flavors for Bottled Teas

Sweet iced tea was once relegated to the world of the Southern belle. However, bottled, cold teas have increased in popularity around the world, leading to a multi-million dollar industry that focuses on these seemingly simple products. However, flavorists already know that there is nothing simple about choosing flavors for bottled tea, whether it is a black tea, a green tea, or even an herbal tea.


Flavors for sweet tea must be noticeable enough that they do not disappear beneath the flavor of the tea itself. However, they must also be subtle enough to blend easily with the delicate flavors of the tea. Most buyers are less concerned with choosing traditional tea flavors and are interested in a range of different flavors. However, the flavors that are chosen must be able to blend easily with the sometimes tart, sometimes rich, but always delicious flavor of tea.


Among the most popular, and most classic options available are citrus flavors for bottled teas. Lemon is the most popular choice with black tea, but a green tea may see a blend of citrus flavors including orange, lime, lemon, and much more. A number of different citrus flavors are available, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanal, Natural Heptanal, and much more.


Berry flavors are also big when it comes to flavors for bottled teas, with most customers favoring berry blends. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ionone and Natural Furanone are just two examples of great berry flavors offered by Advanced Biotech that can enhance these products and make them taste incredible.


Mango, ginger, and peach are all easily found in flavors for bottled teas, and can all add a unique twist to this otherwise traditional bottled beverage. There is a lot of room for exploration when it comes to tea, no matter what the flavorist in charge is looking to create.