Cocktail Flavors Consumers Are Loving This Summer

While cocktails are always warmly received, they’re never more popular than during the hot summer months. The last several years have seen many cocktail trends arise as new drinks burst onto the scene, including boozy slushies, citrusy spritzes, and more. Seasonal cocktails have become so prevalent that we can’t help but get excited about what to look for this year as the mercury rises. It so happens that July hosts two special days for cocktails – National Pina Colada Day on July 10th and National Mojito Day on July 11th.


 Pina Colada 


The Pina Colada is a sweet, rum-based cocktail with pineapple juice and cream of coconut. In fact, the name “Pina Colada” means “strained pineapple.” Pineapple and rum have been best friends since the beginning of the distillation of rum, with the first known reference to a Pina Colada appearing in 1922. However, this original recipe didn’t include coconut – it was added later.


You can expect lots of Pina Colada lovers to be reaching for this tropical drink this summer, but they won’t all be settling for the same old recipe. Today’s adventurous drinker craves new twists on the classics, such as the mango Pina Colada, a perfect summertime treat. Berries also make great additions to this time-tested favorite – think strawberries and blueberries added into the traditional pineapple-and-rum recipe. Bananas could not be better-suited as a Pina Colada addition. The tart and tangy flavor of blood orange is also appearing in these versatile cocktails. Even chocolate gets its turn, adding decadence to the flavor experience.




Mojitos are another well-loved fresh, summertime cocktail, also made with rum but this time mixed with sugar, lime juice, fresh mint, and sparkling water. The combination of citrus, mint, and sweetness is perfect for a warm summer evening.


This year is a great time to experiment with new twists on this classic cocktail. You might borrow an ingredient from the Pina Colada and add pineapple to your mojito; kiwi and ginger ale would also make great additions. Or use one of the hottest flavors of the summer – watermelon – to add a touch of refreshing sweetness. Today’s consumer also loves the healthy and natural, so consider a formula that includes superfoods such as berries and green tea. Clementines, white peaches, apricots, lavender, and guava are just a few more ideas for giving your mojitos a makeover.


Other Summertime Cocktails


Partygoers aren’t limited to these two even on their designated days. Summertime is the right time for cocktails all around, and a fabulous time to create new and unique adult beverages for today’s adventurous consumer. Just as we’ve outlined a few ideas for sprucing up traditional recipes above, consider taking a fresh approach to any summertime classic including the Daquiri, the Margarita, the Rosita, the Sour-Cherry Gin Smash, the Moscow Mule, the Sidecar, and many more. We’ve got the natural flavor ingredients to help you create anything you can dream up.