Cocktail Popsicles Trends of 2019

Every year, new ways to imbibe appear on the scene, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen one we love as much as alcoholic popsicles. Boozy ice pops are showing up in bars, restaurants, and stores, sometimes alone and sometimes as alcoholic icebergs floating in cocktails of complimentary flavors. These icy adult treats gained popularity in a big way a couple of years ago, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Cocktail popsicles turn up the fun factor whether you’re lounging by the pool, taking a stroll on a summer evening, or just enjoying a movie on the couch.


As you can imagine, the flavor possibilities for these popsicles are endless. You might go for a classic summery citrus blend with orange, peach, and white wine flavors, or a white sangria with pinot grigio, peach schnapps, and white peach puree. You could even go for a classic sangria, a drink of which the fruity combo features a lovely deep red color and sweet flavor that’s perfect for ice pops. The mint julep – the traditional cocktail of the Kentucky Derby – lends itself nicely to many different variations, including frozen. Bourbon, simple syrup, and mint combine into an incredibly refreshing drink that’s even more delicious when frozen on a stick.


Margaritas are fantastic slushy and even better frozen solid into ice pops – feel free to add some color with an orange liqueur. In fact, margaritas are a category all their own, with countless flavor variations such as strawberry, raspberry, apple, watermelon, peach, and more. Simply freeze on sticks instead of pouring into a glass, and you have a new, tempting summer treat.


As more and more consumers become health-conscious, more food and beverage products strive to keep up – including alcoholic popsicles. More and more bars are offering healthier choices made of vitamin-rich veggies such as carrots, beets, and cucumbers and antioxidant-rich fruits including pomegranates, mangoes, and berries – all of which are right at home in a frozen pop with a shot of wine or liquor.


Speaking of wine and liquor, these aren’t the only alcoholic beverages you can include in your alcoholic ice pops. Beer also makes excellent popsicles when combined with the right ingredients. Try pairing cherries with a tart, sour beer for an unexpected and unique taste.


Cocktail popsicles are a ton of summer fun. Check out our natural flavor offerings to find the ones that will enhance the flavor profiles you’re working on – or to get inspiration for your next new product. We think this special taste bud treat is one that’s only going to increase its following year after year.