Consumer-Driven Burger Trends

It’s amazing how different one burger can be from the next. Your customers all have different ideas about what they want when they go out for a burger, and it’s up to you to satisfy them. You can take your burger game up a level by staying on top of the latest trends.


Breakfast Burgers


From the buns to the toppings and sauces, there are endless simple and tasty ways to transform a burger into a breakfast sandwich. Breakfast burgers are appearing with pancakes, waffles, or even tortillas in place of traditional buns. These burgers may incorporate toppings such as eggs, hash browns, or bacon; they may feature hollandaise sauce, savory mayo, Bloody Mary mix, or peanut sauce to give the flavor a good-morning boost. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking an everyday burger and transforming it into a delicious grilled concoction to start your day.


Exploring Global Flavors


Ethnic ingredients are in high demand on restaurant menus lately, and the global flavors phenomenon is one of the leading trends when it comes to burgers. Asian flavors are among the most popular and include lots of new and unexpected combinations. Burgers are getting the delicious Asian treatment with a wide variety of exciting flavors, such as ketchup spiced up with gochujang, coleslaw with a hint of kimchi, kalbi marinades, sambal cream, sweet soy sauces, tangy mayos, and – of course – everyone’s favorite condiment, sriracha. That’s just a few of the possibilities – and only within the Asian category, do don’t be afraid to be daring with ethnic flavors in your burgers this year.


Female-Friendly Presentation


Burgers may typically be considered “guy food,” but let’s be honest – everyone craves the juicy, flavor-packed patties regardless of gender. However, your female customers are less likely to go for a traditional bacon cheeseburger and more likely to seek out a healthier option or more sophisticated taste experience. Turkey burgers, skinny buns, small sliders, and lettuce wraps in place of buns are all good ways to send a “better for you” message. You can also go more upscale and exotic to attract more female customers to your burger menu – think goat cheese and roasted red tomatoes, chopped veggie slaw, or handcrafted plum ketchup to appeal to a more adventurous audience. Alternatively, consider sprucing up your sides with offerings such as sweet potato fries dusted with Caribbean jerk seasoning, tempura-battered green beans, or jicama and green apple slaw in place of conventional French fries.


Plant-Based Perfection


Your customers don’t have to be vegan to appreciate your efforts to bring them delicious, plant-based burger alternatives. In fact, as more people become conscientious about eating a healthy diet, the plant-based movement has grown so popular that no supplier of burgers can afford to neglect adding at least one vegetarian option to their menu. While veggie burgers have been around for eons, the new plant-based burgers add a fresh twist with amazingly authentic char-grilled flavor highly reminiscent of real beef. You can achieve the meaty flavor you’re looking for with the help of natural flavor ingredients such as Beef Fat Enhancer OS Natural.