Cooking with Leftover Champagne

Champagne is often synonymous with the holidays. From Christmas dinner to New Year’s Eve toasts, this bubbly, slightly sweet beverage embodies the festive spirit. But what happens when you overestimate the amount of bubbly you needed for a party and have leftovers once all of the guests have gone home? Luckily, there are many ways to repurpose this leftover beverage before it goes flat, as its distinct fruity, acidic flavor actually works in many different applications. Join us as we explore some of our favorites!



The natural sweetness of champagne works well in a variety of confections. Upcycle last night’s leftovers to create tonight’s fun, bite-sized dessert by using it as the secret ingredient in cake pops. Simply add leftover champagne to an adjusted vanilla cake recipe and create a quick icing with champagne and confectioners’ sugar for a fun and unexpected adult treat. Sparkling champagne Jell-O is sure to impress guests with its light, bubbly texture and the addition of fresh strawberries, giving it a delightfully tangy flavor. Simply combine unflavored gelatin with water and sugar, boil, take off the heat and whisk in champagne and ginger ale. Transfer to serving cups and refrigerate, folding in strawberries halfway through.



Seafood pairs surprisingly well with this effervescent wine, as its slight acidity brings out the natural sweetness of ingredients like scallops, clams, and shrimp. Create a luxurious dish of pan-seared scallops with champagne truffle cream sauce, flavored with butter, whipping cream, and garnished with fresh parsley. Salmon is also complimented by this bubby beverage with a side of hearty swiss chard and filling quinoa. Create a sauce using chicken stock, white wine vinegar, champagne, and lemon juice and use to top seared or baked salmon. Poaching seafood or chicken breast in champagne-based liquid is also an option, as the unique flavor of this sparkling wine infuses with fresh herbs like rosemary to create a effervescent sauce that compliments mild proteins well.



So many different types of cocktails can be made using leftover bubbly and a few fresh ingredients. Create a refreshing sparkling julep with sugar cubes and fresh mint, a simple yet deliciously tangy raspberry cooler by adding a scoop of raspberry sherbet to a flute of champagne, or a creamsicle drink by spiking champagne with vanilla vodka, topping it off with orange juice, and garnishing with an orange slice. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination when it comes to upcycling this unique wine into delicious cocktails.


Leftover champagne is no longer an issue with these flavorful hacks. A few fresh ingredients, some creativity, and patience and a three-course meal using this fizzy wine becomes a very real possibility!