Couscous, Quinoa and Other Delicious Grains

Grains are in right now, and can provide the perfect complement to the other vegetables, meats, and other food items on your dinner plate. The popularity of items such as couscous and quinoa means that they are now available in more flavors than ever before, and there are many different options for flavorists who are looking to put a new spin on these grains for food preparation.


At the core of understanding how to prepare flavors for couscous, quinoa, and more is realizing what it is that customers want out of these food products. These are considered delicious but healthy food items, and natural flavor is key. Olive oil is at the heart of many of these flavors, in addition to herbal flavors such as rosemary, parsley, and oregano, just to name a few.


Light and delicate flavors are also a popular option, with Parmesan cheese being at the forefront of cheese flavors in these kinds of dishes. One thing that flavorists want to keep in mind is that in keeping with the natural qualities of these pastas and grains, the cheese flavor in these items should be light, but not overpowering.


Those stronger flavors in these food products are often vegetable in nature, a key example being pepper. A flavor ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s 2 Methoxy Isobutyl Pyrazine can be used to create a delicious, fresh green flavor in a food product that is sure to excite buyer’s taste buds while still giving them the fresh experience that they crave out of these types of foods.