Cozy Winter Cocktail Flavors

The cold winter winds are frightful, but cozy cocktails flavored with natural ingredients are delightful! With the holiday season ramping up and chilly weather setting in, a cocktail spiced with festive botanicals and warming spices will help consumers to stay in good spirits all winter long. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we take a look at some of the flavor elements that are sure to keep everyone feeling warm and bright this season.



                A classic holiday season staple, cinnamon evokes the image of freshly baked cookies and warm pumpkin pie. Combine red wine with orange, cinnamon, and other spices and let simmer for a long period of time over low heat to create sweet and spicy mulled wine, perfect for any winter gathering around a bonfire. Give apple cider a similar treatment by warming spices like star anise, cloves, and whole cinnamon sticks over low heat and add dark, spices rum to create a festive and fruit drink everyone will enjoy. Give chai tea a kick by turning it into a hot toddy by steeping black tea bags, cinnamon, and honey over low heat and finishing with a dash of whiskey.



                Reminiscent of gingerbread, everyone’s favorite holiday treat, ginger is a botanical element that adds warmth and earthiness as well as a pleasant zing to many festive cocktail recipes.  Ginger pairs well with winter flavor elements such as cranberry, pomegranate, and mint and it best showcased in a festive Moscow mule. Combine ginger beer with cranberry juice, ginger beer, gin, a dash or orange juice, and a spring of fresh rosemary for a vibrant crimson cocktail that embodies the holiday season. Combine ginger ale, finely grated ginger, vodka, and fresh raspberries for a ginger mint spritz that is easy to make and bursting with botanical flavor.



                Synonymous with everything Christmas, peppermint is a festive and versatile botanical that pairs well with many different flavors. Create a chocolate peppermint martini by combining chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, vanilla vodka, and crushed candy canes among other ingredients, and doctor up a traditional comforting cup of hot cocoa by adding a dash of peppermint schnapps and Irish cream. Perfect as an added flavor element or as a garnish in the form of a candy cane, cooling, menthol peppermint is a botanical that adds a wintery twist to any cocktail.


A cozy cocktail is easy to achieve with natural flavors and a bit of creativity! Perfect for Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, these festive and cozy drinks elevated with botanicals are sure to be a hit at every get together.