Crafting Energetic Energy Bar Flavors

Energy bars may be relatively new to the market, but they already have a huge consumer base, with plenty of buyers hitting up shelves for a quick pick-me-up. Because it’s a relatively new invention (as far as foods go) it’s unsurprising that there is ample room for experimentation among flavor designers. Whether consumers are interested in going the all-natural route with their energy bars or they’re looking for something with a little bit of a flavor twist, there are plenty of delicious ways to create flavors for these products. The starting point, of course, is to mask the functional flavors in these products – whether that’s protein, fiber, or other similar ingredients.


Let’s start by talking about natural flavors. Many energy bars contain high-energy food products, including whole grains and cereals. So it’s no surprise that many of these products feature a “natural” flavor profile. But that doesn’t mean that flavor designers can rest on their laurels when creating flavors for these products. Hints of honey, vanilla, and other flavor elements feature prominently in these products, and can be a great addition when paired with particularly savory flavors. This helps to create a treat that feels healthy and natural, while retaining its flavorful appeal. Other flavor elements that work in these products include roasted notes (especially when used in combination with nuts) and other brown notes.


Of course, not every energy bar takes the all-natural route. From energy bars with hints of honey to chocolate energy bars with plenty of cocoa flavor, there are many different ways to craft different flavors in these products. Of special interest are energy bars featuring flavor combinations – for example, chocolate and mocha or coconut and caramel. When creating these flavors, look to other industries for inspiration. Energy bars have a tendency to follow trends, so everything from coconut flavor to coffee (for a particularly energetic flavor) can be utilized in flavor creation for these types of products. Buyers these days crave complexity (and energy bars that give them the flavor of other desserts), so there is plenty of room for experimentation.


One thing is for certain – while they may be relatively new to the market, energy bars are here to stay, and there is still plenty of room for coming up with new flavors for these products. Be sure to explore and play around with flavor in these products, whether crafting a delicious, all-natural energy bar or something that packs a flavorful punch.