Creating Almond Flavor and Fragrance with Natural Benzaldehyde

The flavor and fragrance of almond, created with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Benzaldehyde, is an important component in the creation of many different types of products. It is most commonly used as a base, due to its strong notes and characteristically almond aroma and flavor, but it has a number of other applications as well. One of the key features of Benzaldehyde is the fact that the way it is blended can play a major role in the exact quality that it gives off in a product. At its strongest, it has a pungent and bitter flavor or aroma – however, when diluted or sweetened it has a sweet almond flavor or fragrance.


The fact that cherries and almonds are so close in flavor and fragrance means that Benzaldehyde is a common component in recreating natural cherry and natural almond flavors and fragrances. Benzaldehyde is a common component of many products with either cherry or almond flavor, such as confectionary goods – especially those that are in need of a natural marzipan type flavor component. Benzaldehyde can also add a rich and more complex flavor profile to products such as ice cream and gelato, especially in nutty flavors that require almond, or in flavors that require the fruitiness of cherry.


Another of the uses of Benzaldehyde is as a flavor enhancer for alcoholic beverages such as beer and other types of liquors, as well as in non-alcoholic products such as soft drinks. The richness of this flavor ingredient makes it a great base note for these types of flavors. Benzaldehyde can also be used to provide the flavor of almond to items such as cocoas and flavored dairy products. Other types of chocolate products can be enhanced by Benzaldehyde as well to create a richer and more complex chocolate flavor, and baked goods ranging from breads to cupcakes can use Benzaldehyde to produce an amaretto flavor.


Benzaldehyde can also be used to provide almond or cherry fragrance in a range of different products. One of the more common uses of Benzaldehyde as a fragrance is in scented lotions, as the almond scent of this fragrance ingredient is a pleasant but unisex aroma that appeals to both men and women. Benzaldehyde is also commonly used to provide a light, pleasant aroma to a number of other cosmetic products, including powders and foundation and moisturizers for the skin.


Another of the more common applications for Benzaldehyde is in the perfume and cologne industry, where this fragrance ingredient can provide rich, warm base notes for a number of different types of fragrances. The amaretto notes of Benzaldehyde are also great for fragrances that seek to replicate a food flavor, especially in products such as room deodorizers and scented candles.


There is a wide range of uses for this rich and comforting ingredient. Benzaldehyde is a component to many popular flavors and fragrances, and it is also vital in the creation of many new custom flavors and fragrances.