Creating Delicious Citrus Flavors and Fragrances

What scent could be more refreshing than the zest of lime, the tartness of lemon, or the sweetness of orange? What flavor is more invigorating than grapefruit? Citrus flavors have been popular throughout human history, and for very good reason. These types of fruits are easily accessible, delicious, and taste great when eaten alone or when combined with other flavors. The fact of the matter is that citrus is one of the most versatile types of flavors or fragrances that companies can use. Depending on the way that citrus flavors and fragrances are used, it can be savory or sweet, or it can be masculine or feminine.


In the foods industry, the versatility of citrus flavors is apparent just by looking at the number of products that utilize these notes in their ingredients. On the sweet side, there are products such as lemon bars, key lime pie, and orange sorbet to consider, all of which make great use of delicious citrus ingredients. Citrus is a favorite in the baked goods industry, where it can be used in the creation of delicious fillings and frostings, or where it can be incorporated directly into a baked good to create a refreshing and delicious flavor.


When it comes to ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, and gelato, citrus flavors see a lot of use. There are generally two ways that citrus flavors are used. The first is in the creation of delicious, refreshing frozen sweets, and in this case the use of citrus is fairly simple. Everybody can remember the orange sorbet of his or her childhood, often served in a push pop form. In this case, orange is often combine with delicious dairy notes to create a sweet and creamy, easily identifiable concoction.


Often, real fruit is blended directly into the product, with citrus flavor ingredients used to boost the natural flavor of these fruits. Citrus flavor ingredients can also be used to provide the necessary citrus flavor for frozen sweets that mimic baked goods.


When it comes to savory foods, citrus flavor ingredients also see a lot of use. Orange sauces for meats are common in the Western Chinese food market, and a number of other variations are now available as well, including lemon sauce for beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp. These delicious flavors are also used to provide sweetness in other products, including barbecue sauces.


Citrus flavor ingredients are also seeing a renewed popularity on grocery store shelves as an increasing number of unique, flavorful marinades are introduced onto the market. Citrus marinades are perfect for any type of meat, and lemon and lime are both especially popular for their ability to add a flavorful zest to meats.


When it comes to fragrance, notes of citrus are incredibly popular, and can be found in a number of perfumes and colognes. The refreshing qualities of citrus fragrances also make these ingredients popular in cleaning products, especially those that are used in the kitchen. While other flavor and fragrance ingredients may come and go, there is nothing trendy about citrus flavors and fragrances. They are as popular now as they have ever been, and this will likely continue for years to come.