Creating Delicious Flavored Oils

Traditionally, flavored oils are created in a kitchen through the long-term exposure of natural herbs with high-quality oils. However, not every buyer has the time, finances, or luxury to go for these high-end flavored oils for their kitchens. This is where flavorists can step in to create delicious products that will help them to create and enhance their favorite foods with ease.


Herbal infusions are among the most popular types of flavored oils, and can be readily found everywhere from grocery store shelves to well-stocked restaurant kitchens. From Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil to Natural Thiomenthone for mint flavors, herbal flavors in oils can make it simple to create delicious savory food products.


Fruit flavors are also commonly found in flavored oils for the creation of any of a number of products. Lemon infused oils, enhanced with flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citronellal, and general citrus oils infused with Natural Citrus Enhancer, can be a great way to create delicious sauces and to cook any of a number of dishes, such as seafood and vegetables, giving them a flavorful twist. These types of fruit infusions are also incredibly common in the confectionery industry, where they are often created for and sold to those who want to make their own flavored candy products right at home. Everything from oils flavored with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Melon Aldehyde to Natural Strawberry Furanone can be created for this section of the market.


And last but not least, it’s important to remember that flavored oils can be an important part of creating delicious ready-to-cook noodles, pastas, and rice dishes. An example of this is spicy flavored oils, which are often used to create great Asian-inspired noodle dishes (especially those with a Thai or a Vietnamese influence).


Regardless of what a flavorist is creating, it’s important to have access to quality flavor ingredients in order to make the best flavored oil products possible. Oils are difficult enough to work with, and the addition of flavor ingredients must be done carefully to ensure that these oils maintain their integrity, from grocery store shelves to buyers’ kitchens.