Creating Delicious Green Tea Flavors

Green tea has quickly become a favored beverage by many, in all its various forms. Whether bagged or bottled, or even sold in a concentrated form, there are many different ways to create unique and great-tasting flavors for green tea products. While a great many of these flavors are traditional, there are plenty of untraditional spins on green tea flavor as well, and lots of room for flavorists to explore as they create new options for buyers.


One of the most popular flavors for green tea is, of course, citrus. From basic citrus flavors such as lemon, which can be added to a product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citronellal, to generally citrus mixed flavors such as that provided by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer, this is a great way to make green tea more flavorful. This option is especially popular with green tea concentrates and bottled varieties of the beverage.


Another option that is quickly picking up steam is green tea flavored with mint. Mint can cool down the flavor of green tea and make this already refreshing beverage even more enjoyable. A variety of fruit flavors can also be added to green tea, such as peach and pineapple, and can make for an interesting and even more complex beverage.


Regardless of the type of flavor that a flavorist is utilizing in creating a green tea product, one thing to keep in mind is retaining the natural quality of the beverage what makes it so appealing to so many people. Unlike other types of coffee and tea products, there is a lightness and delicacy to green tea that is key. Maintaining this quality but making the product more exciting through the addition of lighter, natural flavor ingredients is an interesting and intriguing challenge for flavorists.