Creating Delicious Wing Sauces and Dips

They’re a football game favorite, a popular side order in pizza delivery, and one of the hottest selling items from your grocery store’s freezer. That’s not really much of a surprise – wings taste great in all of their forms, are quick and easy to dig into, and can be seasoned in any of a number of delicious ways. In fact, it’s that wide variety in wing sauces, seasoning and dips that makes them have so much appeal for flavorists. It could easily be said that there are over a hundred ways (and counting) to create something delicious when working with wings.


Traditional flavors are always a good place to start. Hot Buffalo wings are a staple for many, and when paired with a cool Bleu Cheese dressing can be a mouthwatering treat. While often served separately at your local pizza place or wing joint, there are also plenty of DIY options and sauces, some of which include the delicious cheesy, creamy flavor in the sauce through the use of flavor ingredients such as natural dairy complex. Of course, other traditional wing sauces include the full range of barbecue sauces, which may make use of flavor ingredients, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Acetic Acid, for their strong vinegar notes.


Traditional is not always best when it comes to wings, though, and many buyers are more than willing to try out something a little bit different. Asian inspired wings are steadily growing in popularity. While they make use of certain Western flavors in order to hold on to their mainstream appeal, they make use of Asian inspired ingredients such as natural ginger oil along with various spices and herbs to create something unique for buyers.


From Asian inspiration to Mediterranean, Indian, South American and more, there are plenty of ways to jazz up wings with delicious sauces, spices, and dips. Flavorists who are looking to create something special need only look at the many flavor industry trends – especially those in the ethnic foods category – to find new ways to make these classic finger foods spectacular.