Creating Flavors for Gluten-Free Foods

Many buyers are allergic to gluten and cannot tolerate it – others simply want to cut it from their diets in order to harness the health benefits of cleaner eating. Regardless of their reasoning, one fact is certain – gluten-free foods are becoming one of the fastest growing types of products on the food market.


However, the growing popularity of the gluten-free diet presents new challenges for flavorists. Wheat is so popular in food products not only because it’s prominent in baked items, but because of the natural flavor that it possesses. That means that flavorists must seek out other ways to provide these same flavors in their food products, even without the wheat that makes that possible. Caramel flavoring, such as that provided by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl Pyruvate, is a common ingredient in these types of foods for providing this brown flavor. However, it’s by no means the only product that can be used to this end.


With the increasing desire for gluten-free products on the market, it’s only natural that many flavorists will need to explore options for recreating the flavors of products ranging from cookies and cakes to bread with this factor in mind. Fortunately, with the use of natural (and of course gluten-free) flavor ingredients, delicious and gluten-free foods are entirely in the realm of possibility.