Creating Fragrances for Dry Shampoo

There are numerous different products in the hair care market, from shampoos and conditioners to hair gels, hair sprays, oils, hair coloring and much more. However, one of the biggest new trends in the hair care market is dry shampoo. This product allows individuals to either freshen up their hair throughout the day or to forego a hair washing altogether. The dry shampoo is sprayed directly into the hair and absorbs the natural oils, allowing the user to brush it out and to maintain clean hair.


Of course, one of the biggest factors that lead to the fresh feeling of using dry shampoo is the fragrance of the product. That makes creating the particular fragrance of a dry shampoo one of the most important elements in its creation. Because they are going for freshness, most dry shampoos have a light, clean aroma. The heavily perfumed and floral scents of traditional hair care products and shampoos are not generally found with dry shampoos – instead, most perfumists working on these products go for refreshing fruits and other similar aromas for their creation.


Bright, citrus aromas are especially popular. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citronellal, Natural Citrus Enhancer, and even Natural Octanol are great options for creating the fragrance for these types of products. Herbal aromas are also very popular, and can make for a more unisex hair care product that can be used by either gender.


One thing to keep in mind with these products is that because they do not wash out immediately, and because an individual may use the product multiple times before a washing, it’s important to keep the fragrance light, while still ensuring it is noticeable to the wearer. Formulate the fragrance carefully, and you can easily capture this growing segment of the hair care market.