Delicious Flavor Options for Cheesecake

In the past decade, the world of desserts has undergone something of a revolution. It started with cupcakes, as more buyers than ever began to seek out unique, witty, and tasty versions of this otherwise simplistic treat. Now the desire for more complex, unusual, experimental flavors has spread into the creation of other sweet favorites, including cheesecake.


Of course, cheesecake has always been on the most experimental side of things, at least as far as desserts go. From the simplicity of fruit cheesecakes, to the complexity of Turtle cheesecakes, which combine chocolate, caramel, nuts, and more, there have always been an incredible number of options available for those looking to enjoy this creamy, slightly unusual dessert option.


Fruit flavors still reign supreme, with options such as strawberry, blueberry, and the like remaining a favorite for many. For flavorists looking to recreate these classic flavors in their cheesecakes (and similar cheesecake products, such as frozen cheesecake snacks), natural flavor ingredients derived from the fruit itself are the perfect way to go. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone is ideal for boosting the rich strawberry flavor of this fruity cheesecake.


There are plenty of options for the more experimental cheesecake flavors as well. The combination of chocolate and orange is one that has just recently begun to reemerge as a prominent flavor in the dessert industry, and these flavors can be added to a cheesecake product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone and Natural Citrus Enhancer, respectively.


Other trendy flavors include liqueurs such as brandy, which can be added to a product with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl Caprate, or even wine, which can be added to a product through flavor ingredients such as Natural Ethyl Pelargonate and Natural Furanone Acetate.


Cheesecake as a dessert may not be trending as much as some other options, such as donuts or ice cream sandwiches (or the ever-present cupcake), but it certainly holds a prominent spot in the flavor for the relative ease with which new and exciting flavors can be concocted. There are numerous options for creative flavorists to explore.