I Scream, You Scream – We All Scream for These Delicious Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a staple, and there are perhaps a thousand and one different ways to craft the perfect, mouthwatering vanilla or chocolate flavor. But what about those flavors that skirt expectations, delivering something delectably different instead? More than ever, consumers are on the lookout for new and unique ice cream flavors. From smash novelty hits to gourmet ice cream delicacies, we’re screaming for some of these delicious ice cream flavors.


First and foremost, there are the novelty flavors to take into consideration. Have you ever had to make the hard decision between reaching for a rich, frosted cupcake or a bowl of ice cream? With the newest ice cream flavors on the market, there’s no need to make such difficult decisions. From vanilla cupcake to German chocolate cake, red velvet cake, blueberry cobbler and more, ice creams that make their mark by mimicking other delicious desserts are definitely on trend – something that we don’t see changing anytime soon. Through the careful application of flavor notes such as amaretto, almond, and vanilla – to name just a few components – there are many intriguing ways to mimic other dessert flavors in a bowl of ice cream.


However, this isn’t the only big trend to take note of. Another growing trend is the use of nontraditional ingredients to create delicious ice cream dishes. From unusual beverages – for example, Chai tea or lattes – to fruits, veggies, and more, creameries are becoming more creative than ever. A big part of this trend is the combination of ice cream sweetness with salty, spicy, and savory flavors. Just how mouthwatering does a bowl of dark chocolate and red chili ice cream sound? (Trust us on this one – the cool ice cream helps balance out that spice for an out-of-this-world kick of flavor that must be tasted to be believed).


The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the current ice cream trends are all about experimentation. Even so-called “ordinary” ice cream flavors allow for plenty of creativity. For example, why not try alternative flavor notes such as bourbon to give a vanilla flavor a bit of a kick? Or how about buttery notes, coffee notes, or other delicious flavors to kick things up a notch? A little flexible thinking goes a long way when it comes to these ice cream flavors.