Delicious Lip Balm Favorites: Not Just For Kids

Any woman who ever had a penchant for makeup as a teen is sure to remember the range of delicious flavored lip balms that were available to her. With flavors ranging from cherry, strawberry, and grape to cola and root beer, there was always something for everyone, and plenty to explore in the flavored lip balm market.


You may have thought that those days were long past – however, the recent nostalgia boom along with a cosmetics market that is increasingly favoring fun over glamour in many aspects of product creation has led to a host of new flavored lip balm products available for sale in stores across the country.


However, these are not the flavored lip balms that you grew up with. While they provide the fun and delicious flavor of the past, they do so with a grown up twist. Flavors on the whole tend toward being much more natural, often utilizing natural flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone in their creation. And not only that, but when it comes to these flavored lip balm products, the more exotic a flavor is, the better it tends to perform. From acai berry to pomegranate and blackberry, there’s a little something for everybody to choose from, no matter how eclectic their tastes may be.


These flavored lip balm products are the end result of those flavored favorites from childhood doing a little bit of growing up, and there is a lot to love about them. Many options are available, both for consumers looking to purchase these delightfully sweet items and for flavorists who are looking to create something new and unique. Just remember – when it comes to these products, innovation is key. The novelty of these lip balms never quite wore off for the girls who originally wore them, and novelty is still a driving factor for many when purchasing these types of cosmetics items.