Delicious Sauces for Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese out of the box, was a favorite childhood treat for many individuals. The nostalgia of this particular product – as well as the ease with which it can be made – has led to a growing trend on grocery store shelves. In addition to the traditional orange cheese sauce of macaroni and cheese, there are numerous different options being made available. Some of these options are whimsical and fun twists on the classic flavor, while others are positively gourmet, with flavor additions ranging from garlic and herbs to truffles and fine cheese.


Flavorists looking to experiment with this growing food trend have plenty of room to explore. The place to start is with the cheese sauce itself. Of course, the standard is American cheese flavor, with basic alternatives being the many varieties of cheddar cheese flavors out there. However, flavorists can easily start branching out, making use of cheese flavors including parmesan, Swiss and even more exotic options. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Butyrl Lactate, Natural Dairy Complex and Natural Isovaleric Acid are all options that can be used to create different and distinctive cheese flavors, even for vegan options. Be sure to explore your options to see what you can come up with – even this simple alteration to the standard mac and cheese formula can create something wildly different.


Garlic is a common component of many of the mac and cheese varieties on the market, and can easily be added to a product through the use of ingredients such as natural Garlic Oil. Herbal flavors are also popular, while a spicy flavor such as jalapeño can also make for an interesting twist. Making use of a range of ingredients to create these flavors can allow flavorists to create a wide range of macaroni and cheese options that are as easy to cook as the basic boxed mac and cheese. These days, buyers don’t have to be gourmets in order to create great gourmet versions of their childhood favorites, right at home.