Designing Flavors for Breakfast Tarts

Packaged breakfast tarts began as a quick and easy answer to the goods one might find at a bakery, but quickly evolved into a type of product all its own. Whether consumed as part of breakfast or as a dessert all their own, breakfast tarts are delicious and come in numerous different delicious varieties that contain elements ranging from fruit to recreated dessert flavors from other areas of the flavor industry. Now more than ever shoppers expect a little bit of ingenuity when it comes to the creation of these delicious packaged breakfast tart options whether they are boxed and sold on grocery store shelves or available in grocery store freezers.


The greatest numbers of breakfast tart flavors available on the market belong to the “fruity” flavor category whether they are single fruit flavors or a combination of several fruit flavors. The most popular, such as strawberry, can easily be recreated through the use of delicious natural flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone. Additional popular fruit options include blueberry, cherry – available through the use of Natural Anisyl Acetone – and even options such as apple. Certain seasonal flavors such as pumpkin, which may contain a number of different flavor ingredients in order to recreate the right flavor, are also becoming increasingly popular.


Flavors such as chocolate, brown sugar, and cinnamon can be recreated through the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone and Natural Cinnamic Acid, have always been popular. However, the trend toward more complex flavors and those that replicate other kinds of desserts has led to unique new flavors such as s’mores, cupcake, and much more. The use of flavor ingredients that recreate flavor notes such as burnt sugar and butter have been used to make this possible. While it takes careful formulation in order to get these types of flavors right, their popularity makes it more than worthwhile for flavorists to experiment with these more complex flavors.


The options are seemingly endless, and these types of products – popular for their convenience – means there is no end in sight when it comes to the many possibilities for flavor creation. Flavorists should feel free to experiment with the many options available to them as they create these delicious products.