Designing Sultry and Savory Sweets

In the old days, savory was savory, sweet was sweet, and the two would never meet in a food product. However, the days of old have passed, and buyers can now find a number of delicious food products that combine many different flavors for more complex, and much more delicious, food products. When it comes to our favorite confectionary treats, there is more variety available than ever, and much of this variety centers on the introduction of more savory flavors into the profiles of the candy products that we are eating.


There are many so-called “sultry” flavor combinations available. In these sultry combinations, sweet flavors may be combined with something savory, something spicy, or something unique altogether to create a riveting flavor. One example of this is ginger and caramel. The seductive and rich flavor of caramel, which can be enhanced with flavoring agents, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Caramel Furanone 1% PG, blends well with the refreshing and slightly spicy flavor of ginger.


Another popular combination is maple, available with flavor ingredients such as one of Advanced Biotech’s Maple Furanone products, can be combined with other ingredients in order to create the delicious and smoky flavor of bourbon. Maple and bourbon flavor combinations have been popular in marinades and sauces for years, but are now part of the sultry sweet revolution taking part in the confectionary market.


These are just a couple of examples of the many different ways to create delicious flavors for candy products – and even other sweet items such as ice cream. This isn’t a trend that is going away anytime soon, so there will be plenty more opportunities for flavorists to explore this delicious world of sultry sweet flavor creation.