Distillates are a type of flavor ingredient produced through the distillation of a source ingredient. This results in a liquid ingredient that has a much concentrated and often much more complex flavor than that of the source material. Because of the manner in which these types of flavor ingredients are produced, they are all natural, and as such are perfect for any type of application where all natural flavors are desired. Advanced Biotech produces distillates utilizing only the best extraction and distillation techniques, which ensures that every distillate available is of the highest quality for your flavor needs, regardless of the type of product that you are creating.


Unlike other types of flavor ingredients, which tend to be simpler and to provide only flavor notes or components to products, distillates provide a full and complex flavor. Distillation isolates the flavor compounds that flavorists seek to use in food and beverage production, and as such can make it easier to add the flavors that they want and need to their food and beverage products. In essence, distillates are a purer form of flavors that a flavorist might want to use to create food and beverage products – that makes them simpler and more efficient to use, and leads to better and more manageable quality in their products.


Among the many distillates produced by Advanced Biotech and available for flavorists are cocoa, espresso, banana, honey, and molasses. These distillates can be used in flavor production across a wide range of industries, although they are highly recommended for use in the production of beverages and products where liquid ingredients are ideal, such as the frozen dessert industry and in the production of sauces.


As a flavor ingredient for beverage products, distillates have a host of uses. They are often used in the production of ready to drink goods, and especially in the production of coffee and coffee flavored products. These flavor ingredients can also be utilized in order to create chocolate drink products or to add flavor to sodas, other dairy drinks, and much more.


Within the frozen dessert industry, distillates can be utilized to add flavor to products ranging from ice cream to frozen yogurt, gelato, sherbets and sorbets. Distillates can be used to create frozen dessert products for grocery store freezers as well as for the food service industry. The concentrated form of this flavor ingredient makes it easy for distillates to be utilized in the creation of large batches of frozen dessert products.


A number of other industries may utilize distillates as well. They are commonly used in the production of sauces, from sweet dessert products to those used with savory food items. They may also be used in the creation of a number of different items for the food service industry, as they have the natural flavor and qualities that are sought after in this industry, but also provide convenience and a high level of efficiency. Regardless of how distillates are used, it is important for flavorists to have access to ingredients that are produced using only the best quality extraction techniques, such as those utilized in the laboratories of Advanced Biotech.

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