Drinking Trends Shaped by the Pandemic

The global pandemic has changed many aspects of consumers’ habits as they have had to adapt to perpetually fluctuating lockdown restrictions and fears of contagion.  The way people buy and consume food and beverages is no exception to this mass overhaul as consumer sentiment, needs, and interest have been greatly impacted by these unprecedented times. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at the way the pandemic has shaped the alcohol industry and the new trends that are emerging in light of these changes.


Premium Spirits

                With lockdown restrictions cancelling vacations, preventing dining out, and downsizing social gatherings the premium spirit category exploded in popularity as consumers are now making their favorite mixed drinks at home and have turned the process of crafting these cocktails into a hobby. Artisan takes on classic drinks like spicy jalapeno margaritas, smoky old fashioned with mezcal, and gin spritzers infused with natural botanicals like rosemary and grapefruit are fueling the premium category as many are looking to recreate these enhanced cocktails to recreate a bar or restaurant experience.  Many are redirecting the money they would have spent on holidays or commuting to funding their newfound interest in quality food and beverage ingredients.  We predict that even post-pandemic, consumers’ hunger for premium products will continue to grow.


RTD Cocktails

                RTD or Ready to Drink cocktails are surging in popularity as many are now looking for a convenient way to consume their favorite beverages. With indoor dining and gathering still restricted in some areas, many consumers are enjoying cocktails in convenient, portable formats as they look for safe, outdoor venues that allow for social distancing.  With many gatherings now taking place outdoors in parks, on rooftops, and backyards pre-mixed versions of crowd-pleasing cocktails like minty mojitos, ginger-infused Moscow mules, and spiced rum and coke are rising in consumer engagement. New twists on cocktails featuring natural ingredients like basil, peach, passion fruit, and coconut are also garnering the interest of consumers with more adventurous palates. Skyrocketing in popularity over the last year, we predict that consumers will continue to enjoy the delicious taste and convenience of RTD drinks well after pandemic restrictions have lifted.


As consumer habits continue to change, brands will continue to innovate to meet these new needs. Premium callouts, interesting flavors, and conveniently canned cocktails will continue to reign supreme and shape the beverage industry for years to come.