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Enhancing Cereal Products with Flavor Ingredients

Although products incorporating flavors that incite memories of childhood like cereal milk, s’mores, birthday cake, and cookie dough are popular in cereal products, cereal brands continue to be under pressure to reduce sugar content, meet the healthful breakfast needs of health-conscious consumers, all while providing great taste and meeting convenience needs. Cereal brands take notice as gut health and functional foods continue to be a top trend in 2019. These trends are being seen in the addition of functional ingredients like choline for brain health and collagen for skin health, new grains, and comfort flavors.


When it comes to flavor, there are a number of basics that are widely used, and that it is important for any cereal manufacturer to have easy access to, such as Advanced Biotech’s alpha ionone natural and chocolate supreme natural , which provide just the right amount of pungency and can be controlled for the same great taste with every batch. New launches are placing a lot of attention on comfort flavors like – vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. There is an incredible amount of room for those in the industry to grow and expand their horizons, especially as consumers look for new and exciting ways to enjoy the healthiest part of their meal, which can be enhanced by a wide range of natural flavors for a unique flavor experience. Extracts and natural flavor ingredients are a great way to add a much needed flavor boost to cereal products, especially when it comes to adding coffee house flavors, like mocha and caramel latte flavors.


Another way flavorists can make a better-for-you cereal product is with superfoods and functional foods. Superfoods include ancient grains, nuts, seeds, green veggies and superfruits like berries. Although these have been present in cereals it’s becoming clear, the more-the better. Enhancing the natural flavors of fruits and veggies is a market that is growing by the year, especially with increased awareness of healthy eating. Fruity flavors like berries and peaches are being paired with probiotics and addressing consumer demand.


An odd flavor addition that is being seen in new power bar launches is that of meat in veggie flavors. Hybrid bars containing pieces of beef jerky, superfoods and granola are mixing sweet and savory for a snack with a punch.


Whether a company is producing a cereal product to be used with a buyer’s favorite greens or one meant for the perfect snack, there are many flavor ingredients to choose from in creating these products. As consumer interest in a wider range of flavors grows, companies that produce cereal products will find a need to experiment with more flavor ingredients than ever before in order to meet the demands of foodies.