Enhancing Thanksgiving Leftovers with Natural Flavors

Thanksgiving has come and gone and friends and family have returned home but one thing remains: leftovers! While savory turkey, moist stuffing, and tangy cranberry sauce are perfectly repurposed on a Kaiser roll to create that iconic Thanksgiving sandwich, we at Advanced Biotech are taking things a step further. Join us in our latest blog post as we take a look at the natural flavors and innovative applications that will give leftovers a new life this season.



                Add interest to tired Thanksgiving leftovers with ingredients that bring the heat. Make turkey quesadillas by adding shredded turkey, grated cheese, a few dollops of cranberry sauce for balance, and a dash of chipotle to create a sweet, savory, and smoky snack with just the right hint of heat. Simmer leftover turkey and vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, and asparagus in a rich red or green coconut curry sauce spiced with a finely diced Thai chili, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, and garlic. A hint of spice in the form of fresh or dried is the perfect way to add interest to traditional Thanksgiving flavors and create new and internationally-inspired dishes.



                Herbs are a simple way to add another layer of flavor to tired leftovers. Use shredded turkey, leftover roasted potatoes, and yams to create a filling and nutritious breakfast hash, and bring it to the next level by garnishing with fresh and earthy sage. Turkey soup is elevated by the use of aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme, and garlic. Fresh basil gives a warm and toasty turkey panini a pop of flavor, while potent, dried herbs like oregano and parsley give broth made from leftover turkey or ham bones a vibrant kick.



                While Thanksgiving leftovers are traditionally used in savory applications, there are many ways to utilize them in desserts and confections! Create a tart and juicy apple and cranberry crisp using leftover cranberry sauce. Combine cranberry sauce or leftover fresh cranberries with sugar and fresh lemon or orange zest and juice and simmer until reduced. Top with a streusel made from butter, brown sugar, and oats and bake until golden and bubbling. Add vanilla ice cream for a sweet contrast of cool and warm temperatures and a hint of natural sweetness to balance out tangy cranberries. Sweet potato biscuits made from leftover baked or roasted sweet potatoes are a must with cinnamon spiced butter for a rich and balanced way to end the day.


Natural flavors are the perfect way to take tried and true Thanksgiving leftovers to the next level. Enhancing their natural sweet and savory flavor profiles with herbs, spice, and sweet elements are the ideal way to create new and exciting dishes that are sure to become family traditions.