Essential Oils for Respiratory Health

Winter brings low temperatures and an increased chance of seasonal viruses such as colds, flu, the latest strain of Covid-19, and other flu-like infections. According to WebMD, high levels of these and similar infections are being reported1.
These ailments mean resting and self-care using over-the-counter (OTC) remedies or a trip to the doctor for more severe symptoms to get prescription-based help. Statistica reports an OTC cough and cold remedy value of US$11.11 billion in 2024, which is expected to continue surging as viral infections peak2.
At the same time, many can’t access or afford conventional pharmaceuticals. Others are turning to more natural remedies to treat infection and boost immunity as part of a holistic wellness approach. Prices and availability have increased, particularly after the pandemic, while interest in preventative health measures and a cleaner lifestyle have increased.
Global Growth of Natural Remedies
Grand View Research has valued the size of the 2023 global alternative and complementary medicine market at $144.68 billion USD. The market, which includes traditional, herbal, and other alternative remedies such as aromatherapy, is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.3% by 20303.
Direct aromatherapy and related products are a growing category, with an estimated 2023 value of USD 2,133.9 million in 2023. With increasing awareness of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils combined with an expanding demand for natural treatments, an annual CAGR of 12.4% into 2030 is expected4.
Why essential oils? These versatile botanical extracts are known for potential benefits across various needs and conditions, are compatible with most demographics, and are usually natural and pure.
Therapeutic effects may include ailment-specific support, stress relief, relaxation, skincare, and general physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Essential oils may help treat respiratory, cardiovascular, mood, skin, sleep disorders, pain, digestion problems, colds and coughs, and wounds.
For example, essential oils are known to help manage symptoms and support recovery from respiratory infections such as colds and cases of flu. These include tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, peppermint, thyme, frankincense, and cinnamon. The extracts are also being investigated in managing Covid-19.
What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are common in numerous applications, including aromatherapy oils, cosmetics, soaps, candles, and diffusers. They typically yield a concentrated version of the source product’s essence, hence their name.
The oils can comprise single aromatics or composites and can be used alone or as a base oil. Among the most popular essential oils are sweet almond, tea tree oil, and rose. They are produced by extracting aromatic compounds from a plant’s fruits, leaves, petals, stems, vegetables, or bark. Extraction is achieved through various techniques depending on the raw source’s composition, structure, and texture. Natural methods include steam distillation, extraction, absolute extraction, and expression.

  • Steam distillation is the most prevalent extraction method. The ingredient – usually a hardy root, bark, seed, or herb – is combined with hot water and steam in a vat. The heat breaks down the ingredients to release the aromatic compounds as essential oil-infused vapor, which is then condensed, collected, and the oils bottled. Steam-distilled oils include clary sage, sandalwood, and peppermint.

  • Solvent extraction is used for ingredients that can’t withstand heat, such as blossoms and flowers. No water, heat, or steam is required. Instead, the petals are submerged in hexane or ethanol to dissolve the aromatic compounds and reveal their essence and fragrance. Once the solvent is removed, a concentrated essential oil remains.

  • Expression is the oldest and simplest technique, where the producer presses the ingredient to release its oil. It’s often still used to extract oils from citrus sources, storing them in their peel, such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

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