Exotic Tea Flavors and Aromas

Customers know what they want; it is up to those in the flavors and fragrances industry to give it to them. Usually, trends are easy to keep up with, but the latest advancements in technology, as well as in customer tastes, are keeping flavor and fragrance industry experts on their toes. The rising popularity of flavors and fragrances that can be considered “exotic” cannot be overstated. Consumers are no longer satisfied with a bland cup of tea and are taking functionality into consideration when choosing a product.


Consumer experience is driving flavor combinations. Taste matters and flavorful tea reigns. Flavorists are going beyond pineapple, mango, and kiwi, the burst of botanicals has customers searching for gorgeous bouquets that bloom as they steep. Flavors such as hibiscus, passion fruit, and lavender are shaping the small niche of specialty tea products popular amongst young people. It is up to flavorists to come up with the flavor solutions necessary to produce flavor combinations to meet the strong demand for botanicals in both iced and hot tea categories. Herbal flavors like Advanced Biotech’s natural valerian extract and natural eucalyptus extract will help tea manufacturers met this demand. A number of approaches have been taken by those who create flavor  ingredients, from the extraction of essential oils and compounds of these fruits and botanicals to create natural flavor ingredients which can be used by custom flavor and fragrance companies to create bespoke flavors that enhance these exotic products.


Rising demand for plant-based foods has opened opportunities for blended tea flavors the market never though it’d see. Vegetable flavors have unexpectedly appeared in this category. While the addition of vegetables in teas is not entirely new, brands are now marketing them more aggressively. It is an exciting time for those in the industry as the ability to produce these flavors hits an all-time high. There are a number of new techniques and methods available for extracting and creating the ingredients needed to create these exotic flavors in both hot and cold tea blends. This has left companies like Advanced Biotech with more solutions than ever for industries looking to add an exotic flair to their production line.


Ready-to-drink beauty beverages have beauty conscious consumers looking to functional teas for issues from clear skin to boosting their metabolism.


Whether a company is on the hunt for an all-natural, exotic extract or they are looking for the synthetic flavors and aromas needed to create exotic flavors, Advanced Biotech can help. The company prides itself on the wide number of flavors it has available and is seeking to add more to its product line with every passing season.