Experimenting With Chickpeas

Regardless of the type of cuisine, chickpeas are a culinary staple that can be flavored in any of a number of different ways. Ready-made, canned beans come with many different types of recipes, and any of a number of flavor ingredients can be used in the creation of delicious new products. From those formulated using classic recipes and enhanced with flavor ingredients to brand new flavors and formulations, there are a number of different chickpea based products that can be crafted.


Among the most common products created using chickpeas are traditional hummus recipes. However, even here the number of different options can be incredibly broad. From the more vinegar based hummus recipes of the North to the sweeter, richer hummus recipes of the Southern states – and beyond – the possibilities are endless.


This year we’re seeing more varied applications for this nutritious legume. Hummus milkshakes are rising in popularity. Flavor ingredients such as natural fig extract or natural prune extract may be utilized to  naturally sweeten a banana flavored chickpea milkshake. Flavor ingredients may also be used in order to recreate the flavors of Maple through natural maple furanone, or to recreate burnt sugar flavors such as those that might be found with the caramelizing of brown sugar. Of course, these are just a few examples of the many ways that flavor ingredients can be utilized in the creation of these innovative food products.


Chips are another concept that is tackling chickpeas. Savory flavor ingredients, curry notes, and even anise and ginger may be utilized in the production of these and many other types of recipes. Flavor ingredients are incredibly useful as they allow producers looking to incorporate this trend in their products to quickly and efficiently recreate existing recipes on the level needed for large-scale production. Additionally, they allow for an even broader range of possibilities when it comes to the creation of these products.