peanut butter flavor

Exploring Peanut Butter Flavor Trends

Have you been to the snack aisle lately? If so, you may have noticed a great new trend taking place there. As consumers continue to be more health conscious, the focus on the functional benefits that food can offer result in an increase in functional foods and beverages. The peanut category is seeing such an increase – thanks to millenials growing purchase power.


According to Mintel, the fastest growing peanut ingredients in new product introductions are peanut flavor, peanut sauce, peanut butter, peanut flour and peanut oil. This leaves flavorists which a lot room to complement new product flavors with peanut butter flavor(s) such as Advanced Biotech’s 2 Ethyl Pyrazine and natural 2,3,5 Trimethyl Pyrazine.  Peanut butter flavor is commonly used in products such as protein bars, in which it can provide the right amount of nutty and creamy notes without being too overpowering. As such, peanut butter flavor ingredients are commonly used to enhance the flavor of peanut butter in and of itself.


2018’s bold new flavor pairing continue in the peanut category. In confectionery, flavor pairings of peanut butter, chocolate and spice like that of jalapeno are being seen on shelves along with that of peanut butter and toffee – available through Advanced Biotech’s the use of natural Ethyl Lactate. Because of the continued influence of global trends, peanut butter flavor ingredients are still being seen in savory dishes globally. From the Vietnamese spicy peanut sauce to African peanut stew, it’s clear the peanut product category has an opportunity for major growth.



The use of peanut butter  flavor ingredients in premium  is bigger than ever, can be used to enhance the flavor of peanut butter, candy bars, and even flavored protein powders and protein bars as well as similar types of products. Today’s buyer can have something different every morning if they so choose, with the assurance that they are getting something nutritious what their preferences may be.