Exploring Scented Lotion Trends

The scented lotion market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, with countless unique fragrances available to consumers. Used alone or layered with a matching perfume or body spray scent, lotions have become ubiquitous in households throughout the country. Once used for mainly utilitarian purposes (to moisturize the skin or remove rough spots), lotions today are more than just moisturizers – they are a way for us to pamper ourselves, to enjoy a comforting, soothing, or exciting fragrance all day long, and to adopt a signature fragrance that’s all our own. We apply lotion after showers to keep ourselves feeling and smelling fresh all day; we moisturize our facial skin to keep it looking young and smooth; we keep hand lotion on our desks and reapply throughout the day for an easy and quick pick-me-up.


This past year has seen many blossoming trends in the scented lotion industry. As usual, a number of these trends have centered on creating scents to create moods that match the season. In the summertime, scents that call to mind sunny days on the beach or romantic summer nights are always hits. These scents can include fruity fragrances such as orange, pineapple, strawberry, berry, or coconut; they can also include notes that add a hint of sophistication, such as vanilla and lily.


Winter’s scented lotions tend to be warmer and homier, with fragrance notes such as cinnamon, vanilla, mulberry, or black currant. Exotic scents are also popular in the cooler months and can include touches of amber, sandalwood, cherry blossom, or other exotic and irresistible scents. It’s worth noting that the demand for scented men’s lotions is growing, often containing more masculine fragrance notes such as mahogany, teakwood, suede, musk, or cardamom.


Those looking to set their new lotion fragrances apart from others on the market can benefit from exploring some of our great scent ingredients – we can provide you with many great fragrances ideal for use in lotions and other skin care products. Whether you want something light, floral, and fruity, something more exotic, earthy, or sensual, there are lots of ways to combine scents for a new, exciting, and unique lotion your customers will love.


It will be fascinating to see what trends continue to show up in the industry. From tropical coconut and passion flower to sweet citrus and peppermint, from romantic rose and vanilla to masculine cedar and patchouli, there is a whole world of fragrance possibilities out there to explore. How will you shape this year’s scented lotion trends?