3 Fall Flavors Better than Pumpkin Spice

When the first cool fall breeze blows in, all things pumpkin spice appear as if out of thin air. In recent times, the pumpkin spice craze has reached new levels of popularity. Ice cream, coffee, beers and wines, lip gloss, even dog treats – everything is fair game with it comes to pumpkin spice-ification, and consumers and pets alike eat them up.


But when consumers begin to feel a little fed up with these autumnal offerings come mid-September, Advanced Biotech has some naturally inspired suggestions for alternatives to pumpkin spice that will keep them feeling cozy and festive all season long.


Brown Sugar Spice


            Fans of the sweet and spicy trend will find their ideal fall flavor in the combination of molasses-y brown sugar and vibrant spices like black pepper or cayenne. Perfect in savory applications like glazes or dry rubs, brown sugar spice also plays well with confections like cookies, cobblers, and caramelized fruits.




Maple is a traditional fall flavor that has fallen by the wayside amidst the PSL craze. Rich and sweet with tones of caramel, maple is making a comeback this fall as artisan, handmade, and wholesome products are at the top of consumers’ lists. Coffee shops and bars alike are adding maple-infused drinks to their seasonal menus, and savory recipes like maple-glazed salmon and glazed sweet potatoes are finding their way to holiday dinner tables.


Apple Cinnamon


Instagram influencers, chefs, and families flock to the orchards come fall time, when the fruits are at their peak. Likewise, supermarkets are stocked to the brim with apple-flavored snacks and many recipes feature this iconic fruit. Cinnamon compliments the crisp, sweet apple perfectly with its sharp bite and natural warmth, adding depth to confections like apple pies and doughnuts. Spirits like spiced rum and brandy add a festive kick to fall favorites like apple cider.