Discovering New Fermented Flavors

Fermented foods are making a huge comeback in the Western market as consumers continue to seek out products that are natural, “clean”, and have added health benefits. With wellness becoming prevalent lifestyle trend within the past few years, the public’s awareness about the link between gut health and their overall wellness has put fermented foods into the trend spotlight. The probiotics in fermented foods can help your stomach to maintain a healthy bacterial balance, and are said to have many other positive health effects such as strengthening the immune system, keeping your skin and nervous system healthy, and supporting digestive health. Advanced Biotech takes a look at popular flavors found in fermented foods and their applications.




            Honey is a popular choice when it comes to fermentation. Known to have healthful medicinal properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and boost your immune system, many people enjoy honey fermented products during cold and flu season. Honey is a versatile ingredient and is suitable to preserve anything from fruits and vegetables to herbs and spices and because these ferments are rich in beneficial bacteria they are believed to support digestive health. Honey-fermented mango and cranberries are popular choices for consumers looking for a sweet introduction into fermentation.




            Garlic is an ingredient that is present in many preserved foods such as kimchi and pickles, but garlic can also be preserved on its own with many health benefits. Fermented garlic adds a strong yet refined garlic flavor to any dish and can be used in anything from salad dressings to savory cocktails, like a Bloody Mary, for a unique taste that’s rich with vitamins and probiotics.




            Teas of various flavors such as green, black, and even more exotic teas such as Ceylon have experienced a surge in popularity lately as consumers’ demand for kombucha rises. Made from fermented tea and often flavored with fruits and botanics, kombucha is giving mild teas a new burst of flavor and providing consumers with the wellness-related probiotics they crave.