Flavor Ingredients for Salty Snacks

Who doesn’t have a favorite potato chip flavor? From basic salt and vinegar to sour cream and onion, barbecue, and even flavors that are a little bit experimental, there are an incredible number of ways to flavor a potato chip. Even otherwise cautious eaters will get a little bit experimental when it comes to the flavors that they will try, meaning that almost anything a company could think of can be used to create incredible flavors for potato chips.


Even start with what one could consider the “basics” there are a range of flavors to think about. A simple barbecue flavor could contain dozens of flavor ingredients, including garlic and onion, smoky flavor ingredients, peppery flavor ingredients, and sweet flavor ingredients as well. Products such as sour cream and onion may seem simple, but getting the creamy, dairy flavor right using dairy flavor ingredients is vital to the overall flavor of the chip – the right ingredients must be carefully chosen in the right amounts for a successful product. Flavors such as ranch must be successful across the board when it comes to choosing the right dairy flavor, the right spice, and other flavors to get the taste just right.


Cheesy flavors like Butyl Butyryl Lactate natural from Advanced Biotech are also prevalent in a number of potato chip flavors, and choosing the right cheesy flavor in combination with other ingredients is important. Just as is the case with natural cheese products, cheese flavors can either be creamy and sweet or pungent – choosing the right cheese flavor depends on what type of cheese the manufacturer is attempting to replicate, whether it is cheddar, parmesan, or something else entirely.


Other flavor ingredients are also becoming popular in potato chips, such as lemon and lime, which can create a new and exciting – but still simple – flavor. Spicy flavors are also becoming more common with potato chips, whether a company is trying to replicate the heat of an Asian spice, the flavor of Buffalo wings, or any other flavor with a little bit of a kick.


More unusual flavors have also increased in popularity over the past several years, and this seems to be a trend that will only continue. These flavors may require a lot of experimentation from a flavor creation team. A company may use tomato flavor ingredients to create a Mediterranean blend or to create a unique ketchup flavored chip, or a blend of flavors can be used to create a loaded baked potato flavor. Bases such as beef, chicken, and fish are all becoming increasingly common in the creation of new, custom flavors.


While the American potato chip market has not been as experimental as some others, such as Britain, this seems set to change. Consumers are always on the lookout for new and innovative products – who knows what will come next? Savory flavor ingredients are not the only ones that can be used to create new potato chip flavors. Even sweeter flavors are becoming more common, as well as sour flavors that can be used to create flavors such as Dill pickle. There is a lot of room to grow in the potato chip market.